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Ways of preventing hair loss of your wigs

If you do not take good care of your wigs, it will cause hair loss. You need to know some ways of preventing the hair loss and you have to clean your wigs before you wear them. Also, you should wear them after they are dry.

The most important is that you need to keep them clean and you should wash the wigs at least once every week, then your hair will have less dust and they will not cause hair loss.

Then, you should not put your wigs beside things with high concentrations, such as hairspray or liquor because these will cause hair loss or damaged.

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Thirdly, you must remove those damaged hair because they will let hairspray or any other polymer damage your wigs.

Fourthly, you should not let something scratch your scalp because it will cause hair loss. In contrast, you can use itching shampoo to protect your scalp and you will not feel uncomfortable when you wear wigs.

Fifthly, you should comb your wigs carefully and comb them from the bottom to the top, so your wigs will not be damaged. Pay attention that you should not comb them when they are wet.