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Knowledge of human hair wigs

1.Recently, the popular raw material of wigs can be divided into Chinese hair, Vietnam hair, Burma's hair and Indian hair. Because Burma's hair and Indian hair are very thin and they are easy to be broken, so you can only choose some dark colors to dye.

2.Wigs can be divided into non-remy hair, remy hair and braided hair according to the quality of wigs.

3.Braided wigs are also called virgin wigs that it means the hair cut from the head and they are the most expensive.

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4.Raw materials of non-remy hair are hair eggs and shaved hairs etc. They are mainly hair eggs combing from the people's head with hair follicles, but the hair is generally soft. Indian hair is quite soft, Vietnam and China hair are stiffer. Hair cuticle has the same direction like the scale. Non-remy hair's roots and hair are not in one direction, which resulted in the hair cuticle is interleaved with each other and easy to tie. We can use acid treatment to remove a layer of scales on the hair. But without the protect of the scales, life of it will be reduced, so the price of non-remy hair are lower than remy hair and braided hair.

5. Differences of non-remy hair and remy hair are the outer appearance and feeling. remy hair have scales and will not do acid treatment and they look dry and non-remy hair look smooth. remy hair are rough if you touch then from the bottom to the top but smooth from top to bottom. After removing the scales, non-remy hair are smooth and have lower prices than the remy hair.